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Welcome to Beverly West, the visionary Westside hangout that offers the connection you need and the energizing environment you crave.

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A space for the new wave of Los Angeles innovators.


Vibrancy that begins at the street.


An undiscovered perspective, looking out over West LA.

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With every detail considered, Beverly West gives businesses, their people and their cultures the ultimate platform to thrive - and to write the next chapter of our city's illustrious history.


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For architects, designers, tenants and property managers, we provide everything from floorplans to presskits so that you can get to work.

We also partner with award-winning architects to build custom spaces and best-in-class prebuilt officespaces, ready for your team today.

Location Details9911 Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

This is the visionary Westside hangout that offers the connection you need and the exclusive club-like environment you crave. Beverly West provides a previously unknown perspective of LA.

Beverly West rises up at a point of confluence - between neighborhoods that have been home to some of the city's most influential pioneers and the bountiful expanse of LA's ever-changing multicultural landscape.

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